Quilt in Clarens 2016

Welcome back.  So much has happened since my last post that it’s hard to know where to start.

Yep – I did it.  I’ve retired from trying to manage between quilt shop, teaching, judging, being a wife and mother and has transitioned this part to someone new! I sold my quilt shop!  Corli, congratulations on now having your own quilt shop.  Keep your fingers crossed that it will allow me to spend more time quilting and blogging.

August is drawing to a close and what a busy few months it has been!  Good months filled with lots of classes, lots of sewing, lots of cutting and lots of using up stash fabrics.  I have not shared any blog posts with you during these hectic months, but I have posted images on Facebook and Pinterest.  Shame on me!  So if you are on either of these platforms be sure to click the links on my website.  (www.quiltwithmari.co.za).

Here is a recap since the last blog.  Since I have been so busy I’ll post the blocks according to the months.

Winter in the Free State means Quilt in Clarens.  The annual festival has grown from childhood to adulthood.  It is the only annual quilt festival in the Free State and it has grown over the last 10 years from 7 to 330 participants.  I taught at Quilt in Clarens for a  week – every day!  This was a week filled with quilting and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

File 2016-08-31, 4 41 28 PM

What an absolute buzz it was.  I met up with so many people I had corresponded with online since my web started, old friends and made lots of new ones.  The venue for the Festival moved to the newly renovated Primary School.  Alae, thank you for having the vision to do this.  The classrooms were spotless and sunny and there was enough space for teaching, for the vendors in the hall and to have a look at all the quilts on exhibition.  The festival has a unique relaxing atmosphere due to the locality and the personal touch to everything.  But wait there is more! We were all hoping to snow in so that the Festival could last for another week, but that did not happen!  Just 2 weeks after we left the snow came! I can’t post pictures of all the classes and what they did.  I am going to post a single portrait study made by one of the students.  They have all made amazing works of art. Just too many, but I have posted the students’ work on my Facebook page.  (links at the bottom of the pages on my web site).

File 2016-08-31, 6 26 29 PM

Alae, thank you for the hospitality, warm bed (it is verrrry cold in Clarens), good food and looking after me so well in your guest house.  It is much appreciated and I can’t wait to be there again next year.

After Clarens my husband and I attended a wedding in Omaruru in Namibia.  This was extended to a 2 week holiday! Namibia is such a beautiful country.  Dry and barren, but beautiful beyond words with the friendliest people. We visited the Spitzkoppe, stayed in Swakopmund for a week, viewed the sunset at Henties Bay and went to the Moon landscape  amongst others.

File 2016-08-31, 5 24 42 PM

I even met up with my quilting buddy, Antoinette Kriel, for a bush breakfast on her husband’s birthday.

File 2016-08-31, 6 21 16 PM

I took some handwork with me, but needless to say – I have not done much!  I love doing landscapes and the trip was just what I needed for inspiration. Olivia said: “My goal is not to be famous before I leave the earth, but to touch a soul by every eye laid on a piece of my art”.

Enjoy looking at other quilters’ art and enjoy making your own.


Quilt Camp 2016

Welcome back.  You may be asking and now….   Like with all things new the previous post “disappeared” and I have decided to re-post it.  Enjoy reading it once again.

I taught at the Quilt Camp in St Francis Bay last week (May) and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was the nicest bunch of students!

  • We made Wild Roosters & Chicks.

File 2016-05-25, 10 13 22 PM

  • Did advanced free-motion quilting.

File 2016-05-25, 9 09 54 PM

  • And allowed the Guys and Girls to have some mischief amongst the curves.

File 2016-05-25, 9 09 28 PM

The funniest event ever was staged at the Quilt Camp when the three teachers were given an hour to complete a quilt top (0.5m x 0,5m) with a surprise parcel containing 6 fabrics and a theme.  To throw a spanner in the works, Antoinette decided that the teachers’ husbands had to help the teachers for 15 minutes.  Since my husband was not there, Antoinette’s husband, Willem, was part of “Team Mari”.  I had so much fun doing the quilt and sabotaging the other teachers.  It was hilarious when I had to confess at the Farewell Function.  They both promised me sweet revenge, but we are still friends, admiring each others’ abilities and techniques.  I now have till the end of June to complete the quilt (which I have done). It will then be put up for auction to generate funds for next year’s national Quilt Festival.  It was a well-organised event and I was treated like a queen.  Thank you Antoinette for making me feel so at home and catering for all my needs.

File 2016-05-25, 9 10 17 PM

I will be teaching extensively for the next few months.  Have a look at my teaching schedule to book for classes and information.

Enjoy a week filled with fabric and many quilts.


Welcome to my cosy corner on the internet. A dream of mine has come true and my blog is up and running!

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