Let's do Birds

During this workshop you will learn how to create a quilt from a picture using fabric by means of negative images and a special type of reverse appliqué. You will also create a back ground by means of textile art e.g. burning fabric to manipulate them to form the background you want. The realistic bird picture will then be enhanced by free motion stitching. This is a technique class where the difficult realistic appliqué technique is being taught in an easy way.

Project Details

  • This is a technique class where you will use negative images and my unique reverse appliqué method
  • Fabric art is part of this class
  • 1-2 Day Course
Expertise level: All levels, but students must be able to do free motion stitching
Number of students: Min 10 & Max 25
  • A4 colour picture of bird, Tracing paper
  • Various fabric to make textile art back ground with
  • Fabric to create the bird with
  • Felt
  • Back ground fabric for quilt
  • Organza
Cost: Will be given
Workshop Type: Sewing Machine
  • Unique reverse appliqué method
  • Fabric art Textile Art
  • Thread painting and free motion stitching