About Mari Strydom

I am Mari Strydom living in Bultfontein, a small rural town in the heart of South Africa. I started to teach in my local community – teaching young women to quilt. My teaching quickly gained momentum, and soon I was teaching all over the Free State. Nowadays I am teaching different areas of expertise all over South Africa, various small Quilt Festivals and at the National Quilt Festivals.

I am obsessed with quilting.  I love spending time in my studio “playing” with fabrics, threads and designs.  The colours and textures inspire my creative energies and make me happy.  

I am blessed with a talent for quilting and teaching. Quilting came into my life when I needed it most. The humbling experience – getting chemo - taught me that life is short and what effect creating something can have on you. I want to pass this on so that it can change other peoples lives as well. There is nothing that I would rather do!  This is my true passion and joy.

To all my fellow fabric lovers: I am blessed by your presence in my life.


NAME: Mari Strydom
RESIDENCE: Bultfontein, Free State, South Africa
OCCUPATION: Quilt artist, teacher and judge
GUILD: Sandveld Country Quilters' Group
SAQG Teacher's accreditation
SAQG National Judge

Quilting Involvement

Member SAQG – 18 years
Member SAQG Teachers Forum – 2 years
My service to the Oranje Quilters’ Guild includes:
Member Oranje Guild – 18 years
Committee Member Oranje Guild – 4 years
My service to the Sandveld Country Group includes:
Member Sandveld Country Quilt Group - current
Chairlady Sandveld Country Quilt Group – current
Established 4 quilt groups in Bultfontein.
Chairperson Lappop Quilt Group - 4 years
Chairperson Speldekussings Quilt Group – 2 years
Chairperson Kwetterkatte Quilt Group – 2 years
Chairperson Magrietjie Quilt Group – 2 years
Organized 4 quilt exhibitions in Bultfontein 
Kaleidoscope National Quilt Festival – Portfolio Teachers 

Quilting Career in Short

Quilting: 18 Years
Teaching: 14 Years

She has been in Education for 20 years being a Science facilitator for teachers in the Free State. She left education in 1999 and started her second job – Quilting in 2000 and teaching in 2004. Since then she has been teaching at guild, regional and national level.

She entered numerous quilt competitions since 2001 - locally, nationally and abroad - and is an award winning quilt artist.

In 2005 she opened her own quilt shop, Lappiesland, which broadened her horizon even further till she sold the shop in 2016 to allow her more time for teaching and judging.


2001: Bloemfontein Regional Show

2002: Bloemfontein Regional Show

    2003: 9th European patchwork-Meeting Val d’Argent, France

              Bloemfontein Regional Show

    2004: Quilt Exhibition Bultfontein

    2005: Bloemfontein Regional Show

    2006: Bloemfontein Regional Show

    2007: Pacific Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, California

              Quilt Exhibition Bultfontein

              Rosestad Mini Quilt Festival

    2008: My Place – A travelling Contemporary Art Quilt Exhibition (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa)

              Bloemfontein Regional Show

    2009: Quilt Exhibition Bultfontein

    2010: Bloemfontein Regional Show

    2011: Bloemfontein Regional Show

             Quilt Exhibition Bultfontein

    2013-2015: 8th National travelling Exhibition, South Africa


    2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011: Bloemfontein Regional Show –Best of Show awards

    2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011: Bloemfontein Regional show – Special awards

    2007: Pacific Quilt Festival, Santa Clara California

    2010: Bloemfontein Regional Show – Best Machine Work

    2004, 2007, 2009 & 2011: Quilt Exhibition Bultfontein – Viewers choices

    2006: National Quilt Festival Port Elizabeth – Highly commended in Innovative castegory

    2007:  Rosestad Mini Quilt festival – Best Machine Work

    2010: Oranje Quilters’ Guild 21 Year Challenge  - Winner

    2011: Bernina Challenge – Top 10 Winner

    2012: Quilter of the Year – Oranje Quilters’ Guild

    2014:  SAQG Nominee Pro Dedicate Award

    2014: SAQG Teachers Accreditation

    2016: SAQG Guild Judge Accreditation

    2018: SAQG National Judge Accreditation

SA National Festivals

    2002: Cape Town - Exhibited

    2006: Port Elizabeth – Exhibited

    2010: Stellenbosch - Taught

    2013: Bloemfontein - Exhibited & Taught

    2015: Kwa-Zulu Natal - Taught

    2017: Port Elizabeth- Taught

Publications and Commissions

  • 2002-2016: Her work has been published in numerous local newspapers and magazines
  • 2003: Patchworks DÁfrique Du Sud (African Gold)
  • 2013: One of her quilts has been published in "Laslap en Kwilt, Inspirasie uit die verlede." (The Future)
  • 2013: 8th National Travelling Exhibition Broschure (Oupa & Funky Houses)
  • 2013: Kaleidoscope National Festival Broschure (3D Hexagon quilt)
  • 2013: Kaleidoscope Quilter’s Journal (Funky Houses & Teacher’s Profile)
  • She has done various commission quilts for private institutions and has also sold quilts to private art collectors.


Mari Strydom is a full time quilt artist and teacher whose work reflects her passion for colour and texture.  A teacher and scientist by degree and outgoing by nature she excels in teaching. She started teaching in 2004 and has been teaching ever since for the past 14 years.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Teaching beginners – various techniques (This is her passion and she has taught more than 270 beginners to date)
  2. Contemporary quilting
  3. Portrait studies 
  4. Landscapes
  5. Designing quilts 
  6. Textile art
  7. Thread Painting

National Quilt Festivals where I taught

Alive With Colour Festival in Stellenbosch – 2011 
  • - Jig Saw Puzzle
Kaleidoscope Festival in Bloemfontein – 2013
  • - Let's do Birds
  • - Realistic Miniature landscapes
  • - Almanac with Attitude
Creative Energy Festival in Bothashill – 2015
  • - Portrait study my way
  • - Creative Fun with your Sewing Machine
Siyadala We create in Port Elizabeth - 2017
  • - Unlock your Creativity
  • - Owls in the Forest

Local Quilt Festivals and Retreats where I taught

Quilt in Clarens – 2018
Quilt in Clarens – 2017
Quilt in Clarens - 2016
Quilt in Clarens – 2015
Quilt in Clarens – 2014
Quilt in Clarens – 2013
Quilt in Clarens – 2012
Quilt in Clarens – 2011
Quilt in Clarens – 2010
Quilt in Clarens – 2009
Quilt in Clarens – 2008

Quilt Camp St Francis – 2018
Quilt Camp St Francis – 2017
Quilt Camp St Francis – 2016
Quilt Camp St Francis – 2015
Quilt Camp St Francis – 2014

Potchefstroom Retreat – 2016
Potchefstroom Retreat – 2015
Potchefstroom Retreat – 2014
Potchefstroom Retreat – 2013

I'd Rather be Stitching Retreat -2016

Moot Quilters' Retreat Pretoria -2018
Moot Quilters' Retreat Pretoria -2017
Moot Quilters' Retreat Pretoria -2016

Spring Show in Port Elizabeth - 2018
Spring Show in Port Elizabeth - 2017
Spring Show in Port Elizabeth - 2016

Quteniqua Quilt Show in George - 2018