Funky Houses

This is a class where you will do innovative quilting without realising that you have left the box. During this class you will choose the shape of your house and all the different parts from the manual.   You will be shown how to do machine appliqué using a blanket stitch or satin stitch. Special attention will be given to sharp points, curves and how to achieve the perfect machine stitch for machine appliqué.  You will also be shown how to attach embellishments. By making skewed house blocks you will be taught how to apply a binding to a non 90° corner.

Project Details

  • Original Concept
  • 1 Day Course
Expertise level: All levels
Number of students: Min 10 & Max 25
Workshop Type: Sewing Machine
  • Machine appliqué
  • Attaching embellishments
  • How to apply binding to a non 90° corner