Miniature Twister

During this workshop you will learn how to create a miniature pinwheel quilt using a twister ruler. From a block quilt (2” blocks) to a pinwheel quilt (1” blocks) within an hour!! There is also a choice of working with 5” or 10” squares for a bigger and easier quilt. This is a technique class where you will learn to interlock seams by means of an easy technique using paper Vilene. 

Project Details

  • Technique class
  • 1-2 Day Course (technique 1 day & complete quilt 2 days)
Expertise level: All levels
Number of students: Min 10 & Max 25
Kit: Relevant Twister Ruler
Workshop Type: Sewing machine
  • Paper Vilene Machine piecing technique for perfect interlocking seams
  • Using a twister ruler
  • Creating a very narrow inner border
  • Creating a skewed inner setting
  • Attaching a 100% mitred binding