Owls in the Forest

A reference guide will be given with everything you need to create your own owls. You choose a template, mix and match them and create your own owl. No two owls will be alike. You don’t need to draw and design. Just have fun! You will be taught to make them 3-dimensional. You will also learn how to do a quick piecing forest background that will surely be used in your other quilts as well.

Project Details

  • 2 Day Course
Expertise level: All levels
Number of students: Min 10 & Max 25
  • Reference guide with all the templates
  • Stabiliser
Kit Cost: Will be given
Workshop type: Sewing machine
  • Machine appliqué with blanket stitch and satin stitch
          - 3D flowers
          - 3D owls
           - 3D butterflies
  • A quick machine piecing technique to create a colourful background